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Additional Revenue gained is our only true gauge of success

We charge by the amount of time we require to achieve targets, whcih we agree with our clients in advance. Targets can include traffic, Google position, links built etrc., but inevitable the KPI is revenue. Our time is charged out at


Competitive Keywords

If you are in a competitive market then more time will be required to meet targets.


Average SEO Service Prices

Low Competitive Keywords £600.00 pcm

Competitive Keywords £1200.00


How do I know if my chosen keywords are correct or competitive

Correct keywords is something that we and the client decide on. The client is an expert in their business but often use industry spefic keywords. However they have also answered the telephone and have heard how potential clients talk about their products or services.


Where we step in is to gather information that support or deny a keywords revenue potential.


Keywords Competitive or NOT?

Search for your keywords in Google. Notice under the search box is a number - "About 2,000,000 for example."

The rule of thumb is anything under 5,000,000 is a niche market that has degrees of competitiveness but often is a market that has less websites chasing the same keywords. Over 10,000,000 and the competition has increase dramatically. Over 20,000,000 and this is categorised as very competitive. Please note these figures are only a guide.


Keyword Pricing

We do not charge per keyword as this would limited our clients campaigns and have long term SEO problems for their website as all new links and optimisation would be focus on a single keywords and would lead Google to believe that the website is solely concerned with that product or service. Introducing new keywords at a later date would be hampered as Google would rightly not understand the true meaning and direction of the site.


    BT Webservice offer wide range of SEO packages sutitable for any website (from local to global keywords). Our SEO packages based on ethical SEO services will improve your rankings and secure your website on existing top positions with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more. This is a plan how do we work :

  • Market research
  • Site analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategy
  • On-page search engine optimisation
  • On-page seo compliance
  • Off-page search engine optimisation
  • Off-page seo compliance
  • Submission to search engines and directories
  • Articles submission
  • Press releases submission
  • Web 2.0 profiles submission
  • Social networking submission
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • Video reviews submission
  • RSS submission
  • Weekly reports (daily ranking changes, link building reports, competition reports, traffic reports)

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UK based SEO Services - Optimisation reports

Our on-page and off-page optimisation reports will provide you full range of important information. We won't keep you in dark.


Traffic analysis

You can know what is conversion rate, visitors trends, loyalty, languages, geo-localisation of visits, how many time people spending on each page and many other informations.

Traffic reports